Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Embarrassing Teenage Story

My weekly whine this week was about fashion, so I thought I'd share a humiliating fashion story that happened to me when I was about 14.

My grandmother loved to buy me cheap bargain store clothing, and one birthday, she bought me a red checkered sweatshirt with gray sleeves and a gray hood. It wasn't the most gorgeous sweatshirt I had ever seen, but it was okay looking and it was new and I wasn't exactly a fashion queen, so I wore it one day.

I got to my chemistry class that day, and to my HORROR, the boy sitting right next to me was wearing the exact same shirt. Neither of us commented on this fact but I was absolutely mortified, especially since that same guy was in several of my other classes. In retrospect, it was probably more embarrassing for him because it's more acceptable for a girl to be wearing guy clothes than vice versa.

Anyway, I never wore that shirt again. The guy, on the other hand, wore it many many more times over the course of the year. Probably once a week, at least.

A couple of years later, I actually dated that guy and the topic of that sweatshirt came up between the two of us. He admitted that he noticed we were both wearing the same shirt and that it WAS embarrassing. But he just didn't have that many shirts.


  1. My second day at my first real job after college, my pants ripped in the middle of the day. Somehow, I didn't realize it, and and was told when I walked into a meeting of 10 people. You could clearly see my underwear. It was awesome.

  2. Fizzy: I think that a shirt like you described would probably look cool to some young people now :P It's funny fashion-wise, especially when these days people are trying to be retro.

    K8: Sorry about the ripped pants..that sucks :(