Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekly Whine: Expensive garage sales

I hit up a couple of garage sales last weekend and I'm kind of shocked by how much people seem to expect you to pay for their crap.

For example, I saw this table for sale that was $200. Really? I wouldn't even buy a new table for $200!

But the most shocking thing I encountered was this:

I was at one garage sale where there were a bunch of baby clothes. I figured, Score! I'll spend like $10 and get a whole winter wardrobe.

So as I was flipping through the hangers of tiny onesies and baby dresses, I happened to notice a price tag on one of the outfits: $14

$14 for a baby dress at a garage sale?????????

My mind was boggled. I went up to the woman selling the clothes and was like, "WTF?" She apparently was a children's clothing wholesaler and these were clothing samples she was selling, so the clothes were new. But still! I wouldn't pay that much for brand new baby clothes, much less something I found on the street.

I guarantee nobody bought those clothes.

Seriously, what are people thinking?


  1. Seriously? That's ridiculous! One of my friend buys almost all of her baby clothes through garage sales or Kijiji, and she rarely spends more than $1 per item. She recently bought baby shower gifts for a friend through Kijiji, and she got two large grocery bags of gently used baby clothes for less than $30. $14 for a single item is just nuts.

  2. Sometimes it's the same in Kijiji, where a person thinks their stuff is worth more than anyone else's. I saw a Bumbo chair (used) for $60, when you can get them new for $65 and you have a choice of colors. The person wouldn't drop their price when I pointed this out. I wonder if it ever sold.