Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dougie Howser

Me: "So how did you hurt your back?"

Patient: "Well, I was just walking and--"

Me: "Oh my god, you have the same birthday as me!"

Patient: "Oh, wow."

Me: "Happy birthday."

Patient: "You too. I just turned 3 to the 4th power."

Me: "I just turned 2 to the 4th power."

Patient: "..."

Me: "Wait, that's not right."


  1. If, at 81, I'm with it enough to be able to respond that quickly to someone telling me that they're two to the fourth power years old, I'm going to be very happy.

  2. lol, I thought you were a math major.

  3. Your new iPhone has a calculator, ma'am.