Saturday, March 10, 2012

Interview stories

From an interview at a residency program:

Me: "Are the residents happy here?"

Chief resident: "No, of course they're not happy. They cry every day."

Me: "They cry every day?"

Chief: "Yeah, well, that's pretty typical for residency. You just get so tired and frustrated."

Me: "So they cry out of frustration more than unhappiness?"

Chief: "Pretty much. I mean, when I did my sub-I here, the intern on my team cried on every post-call day. She was so tired."

Me: "But the call is only Q6 here... so that means she only cried every six days, right? That's not so bad."

Chief: "Yeah, but it was Q5 back then."

(I didn't end up ranking that program.)


  1. What the hell? I'd have run away FAST!

  2. He was kind of right though. Even though I went to a different program, I cried a LOT postcall.

  3. Hmmm it's one thing to say they get frustrated ... but to say none of them are happy would definitely be worrying!

  4. silverwhale: Are you watching Idol? :)

  5. haha yes I am! I'm not crazy about the judges on idol ... Randy is alright I guess. I definitely appreciate Ryan more after x-factor though. Who is your favourite so far?

  6. I hate the judges and I especially hate it when JLo says "goosies." They should make Jimmy Iovine a judge. I like Ryan though.

    I always like the rockers and the scruffy guys with guitars, so my favorites are Phillip and Colton. I want to hate Colton because he's just so emo, but I gotta say, I loved it when he got up on that piano. They're sort of like the poor man's version of Season 8's Adam and Kris.

    And of course, I think Jessica's really really talented, but she just doesn't sing the kind of music I like.

  7. A resident at my program was awarded a box of Kleenex at the end-of-year banquet. Because she cried every time she got a consult to the ER (admittedly a depressing experience).

  8. I completely agree! Jessica is awesome, but I feel like I would be more likely to buy Colton's CD - he is my favourite right now.