Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ode to iPhone

Recently I got an iPhone and I LOVE it. Prior to that, I had a stupidphone and I was very resistant to getting a smartphone, maybe because I didn't want a phone that was smarter than me. Also, I didn't want a phone where I'd be really upset if I dropped it in the toilet (like my husband did a week after he got his $300 phone).

But it had to happen. I think the final straw was when our 16 year old babysitter sent me an email "From my iPhone" and I just felt like a big fat loser.

Things that I love about my phone:

1) Has epocrates and other medical stuff on it, so I can be competent at work

2) I can check email on my phone!

3) Calendar with alarms helps keep me from feeling like I'm juggling ten million things in my head

4) Can make lists of what I need before I go shopping. So I don't go to Meijer to buy Valentine's Day cards for my daughter's class, then buy a few things, and realize when I get home, I forgot to buy the damn cards. Not that this happened to me. Twice.

My main worry was that I'd spend all my time playing games, so I kept from downloading any games. That's just what I need, right? I had to ask my husband to delete games from my palm pilot back in the day. Damn addictive Drug Wars.


  1. I recently got a phone with a keyboard which I LOVE because now I can send text messages to my husband more easily, which he can read even if he's in a meeting (which is all the freaking time). I do think I'll get some sort of smart phone when I return to clinics for the reasons you mention. I can't imagine being away from my email all day anymore like I was so often when I was a clerkship student.

  2. Not putting games on your iPhone is very, very wise. Not that I've ever made the mistake of putting games on my iPhone and wasting valuable time playing them. Nope, not me.

  3. I'm still on a stupid-phone for many of the same reasons you mentioned. What made you choose iPhone vs. Android?

  4. I love the medical apps you can get for the iPhone - I've downloaded a little bit of everything, from Epocrates to Medscape to Micromedex, NEJM (not that I have time to read this one, but my phone looks smarter just from having it), MedCalc - the list goes on. And, the majority of them are free!! Because this is how I feel about buying apps, haha: http://theoatmeal.com/blog/apps :D

  5. OMDG: I love how easy it is to send texts on an iphone, compared with my flip-phone.

    Nicole: My husband thought it would be easier for me to use. And it is.

    Dr. G: Yep, I'm all about the free apps

  6. I also just switched to an iPhone, but from a BlackBerry (I live in the same city where it was created in Canada). I love it. I thought that I would miss the keyboard, but being able to talk and have my speech translated to text is way better.

    Highly recommended apps:
    - Wunderlist (easily syncs lists between iPhone - my wife and I put all our groceries on here)
    - OmniFocus - Task management a la Getting Things Done (GTD) - expensive, so only buy if you're sure you'll use it...
    - 1Password - to keep all your passwords
    - Calling Card - if you use one

  7. I HIGHLY recommend the TurboScan app. You have to pay a couple bucks for it, but it's awesome! It's like have a portal scanner in your pocket! I also love AutoStitch for taking long landscape pics.

  8. None of the games on my iPhone really thrill me. However, I was addicted to words with friends for about 2 weeks until one match turned into an epic battle of X and Z words and I lost by two EFFING points and was reduced to tears and got so pissed at my friend I couldn't even talk to them for about a week after. That was 6 months ago. I haven't been back.
    Love the facebook app and the mapquest app will actually narrate directions to you based on your satellite position (like a traditional GPS) except you don't have to pay 70 bucks a year to update the maps in it. (total GPS fail)

  9. I STILL play Drug Wars. First started 2nd year of med school during the ridiculously out of date pharm lectures from PhDs. That was 2000.

  10. Just take a look at the Cozi app, that's all I ask. The "shopping list" and "todo" features are the bee's knees. I love starting the day asking my wife to put all we need on the list, and having it available over-the-air when i'm at the store. And it's free! Let me know what you think if you do...

    1. I LOVE Cozi and second the recommendation. I put all of my grocery list on there and then check things off at the store. No more paper lists. The to do feature is also great.

      I think the Cozi calendar would also be great for you, Fizzy. You can put the whole family's activities on there and each family member has their own color. It will also email or text the week's schedule to each family member on Sunday.

  11. I caved myself and got an iPhone when I went in for my repeat c/s to deliver my son. Best.purchase.ever!!!

    I agree it's probably not a good idea to get the games -- my 3.5 year old daughter knows how to play Angry Birds and always takes my phone when I'm not looking.

    Damn you, Steve Jobs, for making it easy for a toddler to use!! ;)

  12. Ha. I capitulated and got a smart phone (droid) only about 8 months ago. And, like you, I LOVE IT. Before I had my smart phone, I didn't even have text messaging capabilities. I don't have many games on my phone, but Drug Wars is indeed one of them! It's so darn useful. I love he fact that my calendar on my phone automatically syncs to my Google calendar. So much better organized now. I'm not sure if it was a personal revelation or revolution, but now I wonder how I survived without one previously.

  13. I am reading this off my iPhone from my call room right now. Awesome, no?
    I can't sleep with the dread of the pager going off anyway.