Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly Whine: Jennifer Weiner

*Note: This whine may contain spoilers*

This is perhaps slightly more esoteric than previous weekly whines, but I'd say that Jennifer Weiner has some degree of fame, usually claiming at least one spot on the bestseller list. And her book In Her Shoes was a movie with Cameron Diaz. Anyway, it's my blog and I want to whine about Jennifer Weiner.

Everyone always recommends JW books to me because I read similar authors. But for some reason, I can't stand JW. I first read Good In Bed several years ago on the recommendation of several people. I liked the premise: overweight woman dumps her boyfriend who subsequently writes a column about her weight issues. But somehow, I got stuck about a hundred pages in. I finally finished it and was pretty disappointed.

A few things bothered me about her book:

1) Her treatment of "real" issues felt cliched and dull. How many books are there about women with weight issues? How many about women with daddy issues? I felt like she didn't have anything new to give us.

2) I can suspend disbelief for a novel, but it's got to be consistent within its own universe. I have no problem with a book about teenagers being forced to fight to the death, but I do have a problem with a "realistic" book where a reporter randomly runs into the celebrity who canceled an interview in the bathroom, then suddenly they become BFFs and the celebrity wants to star in her unpublished movie script. I mean, come on.

3) The book was not funny. Not every book has to be funny, but nothing bothers me more than when an author is trying to be funny, but just isn't.

Frankly, I expect more from an author whose last name means penis.


  1. I'm surprised you finished after getting stuck. I never can. Recently started reading The Help, thought I would love it, was bored a third of the way through and couldn't finish. I like your Hunger Games plug though (assuming that is what you are referring to), it was a great series.

  2. Everyone just kept telling me it was great, so I decided to give it a fair chance and finish it. I guess to each their own though, because I loved The Help and couldn't stop reading it. And I have a pretty low boredom threshold.

    I've had several people ask me though how I could read and enjoy the first Hunger Games book and not read any of the sequels. I'm not sure. I'll definitely read them eventually.