Monday, October 21, 2013

Gunner stories

I've been kinda sorta working on a new book about med school. And no book about med school is complete without some awesome gunner stories.

So please comment or email me (fizzziatrist(at) with your awesome gunner stories. As a few people can attest, if I use your story, I'll mention you in the acknowledgements!


  1. Sent this on to my niece's husband , in his Intern year.

  2. How do you find time to do all this writing?

    1. Occasionally, the kids do go to sleep :)

  3. Is it the Med student that has to be the BEST and BRIGHTEST at EVERYTHING no matter what or else?

  4. a kid in my class commented on facebook, "welp, nothing like getting a question on uworld wrong that 87% of students get right." that was about 3 months before any of us were contemplating buying uworld. I think it was actually beginning of summer. by the way I really enjoy your blog and I read your book and it was really good too!