Monday, February 17, 2014

Med student syndrome


  1. I am a first year. Most of the diseases that we have learned so far are the "you may only see one of these in your career, if you are lucky" type. You forgot to add porphyria, galactosemia, Lesch-Nyhan, cancer of any kind, Gaucher's, hypercholesterolaemia, xeroderma pigmentosum, Angleman's or Prader-Willi syndrome. These are just the ones that we have learned about in the first half of the first year.

    After learning about these, it is a wonder that anyone in the medical profession is willing to risk having kids!

    1. Final year here. We are well aware that most of the conditions you listed are largely incredibly rare. Those Fizzy has listed though are the kinds of conditions consultants keep asking us about, which usually makes us think that it's common enough to put in our differentials.

  2. fact. My first 2 years I was so focused on the "crazy" diseases that I lost focus....up until I had to do everyone's History and physical in the ER....COPD/DM/ACS were the most frequently written. sprinkle some CAP here and there for variety.

  3. It's funny because it's so true. I'm currently in the trenches of MS2. I'm pretty sure pheochromocytoma has been the answer in at least one problem solving exercise in every block in every organ system. It also seems, per Robbins, that Sheehans syndrome happens all the time. My preceptor laughed at me when I mentioned it.

  4. I've had patients with hemochromatosis, myeloma, and even bitemporal hemianopsia all in the last week. Myeloma especially is really not all that uncommon, at least in certain age groups.

  5. Where is "scorpion induced pancreatitis" on this list?