Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dr. Orthochick: Misspeak

I was giving a presentation today and I accidentally said "patient was born full term via spontaneous vaginal deformity." (instead of delivery)

If nothing else, it killed some time while everyone tried to collect themselves. I think I got a bigger laugh than my co-resident did that time he wrote "interanal condyle" instead of "internal condyle" in his slide. Or that time another resident presented an article that not only contained the phrase "depth of penetration," but also discussed factors that influence the depth of penetration, such as reaming harder, faster, deeper thrusts...


  1. Never thought ortho is that fun😁

  2. I'm reading your "The Devil Wears Scrubs" right now and am loving it:) I used to work as a nurse, which makes it even more funny I think because I can relate to the situations in the hospital:) I'm just confused about whether Dr. Morgan is real or not (was she really a doctor you worked with?). The beginning has a disclaimer that all characters are fictitious but the acknowledgements say she was real?
    Thanks for the wonderful book, Anne

    1. Thanks so much :-) in answer to your question, Alyssa is based on a real person, but all the events in the book are fictional as well as the character.

  3. Spontaneous vaginal deformity pretty much explains what happen to a woman's vagina during a natural birth.