Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dr. Orthochick: Achievements

TV in Patient's room

"... A 9-year-old boy who successfully climbed the highest peak this side of the globe, Argentina's 22,837-foot-tall Mount Aconcagua..."

Me: You know, I could have done that, but my parents wouldn't let me.

Patient: Really?

Me: No. I was chubby, unathletic, and always picked last in gym class.

(I actually have no idea what my parents would have done if I had broached them with that idea. They probably would have pointed out that there were no mountains nearby and I should focus on doing math flashcards. But I always wonder about the kid's parents in these cases. I mean, was it their idea or are they just really really really supportive of their kid?)

Anyway, congrats to him.


  1. You have to wonder nowadays, don't you?

  2. I'd bet the parents are climbers themselves and have encouraged him a lot. (Hopefully not forced him.)