Monday, October 23, 2017

Medical slang

From a discharge summary: "Patient went to the ER with sinusitis, and was treated and street'd."

Aside from the fact that I've never used or heard anyone actually use the term "treated and street'd" in real life... honestly, is that really the language you want in a medical document

Not that this is the equivalent, but I was reading a story about a doctor who had entered “TTFO" (this apparently means "told to f*ck off") on a patient’s chart. When he was asked about it later, the practitioner said that the initials stood for “to take fluids orally."


  1. Lightens the day, but will eventually bite them in the end-pun intended....

  2. I need compile a list of dual use acronyms like TTFO

  3. At the end of a few test scripts I entered "GTFO" rather than exit. When asked, I said it stood for "Gracefully Terminate Functional Objectives." I got The Look.