Monday, June 11, 2018


I feel massive, crushing guilt about not posting here more frequently.  Well, not really.  But I do feel a little bad about it. 

The problem is, the less you post, the less you post.  No, that's not a typo.  Basically, if you're only posting every couple of weeks, you start to feel like every post you make has to be incredibly profound.  It's not enough to make a post about a Cheeto you found that looks like a guy masturbating.  And since my life is not that profound, I don't know what to post.

Also, I'd post more if the blogger app didn't suck so bad.  Just sayin'.

The big drama in my life these days is I bought a new car.  It's a Subaru Forester--my first SUV.  I'm horrified I did this... the best thing about my kids getting older was I didn't need to have a bigger car, but somehow this car happened. I love/hate it.  I love the way it drives and the visibility is great.  I hate everything else about it. 

The thing I hate most this week is I realized I had the option of getting a trunk that opens automatically, but because the salesman didn't tell me this was an option (because he probably wanted to unload a car nobody wanted), I didn't get it.  So now I have a trunk that's impossible to close for short little me.  I called the car dealership and cursed them out, but it's not like it's some big revelation that car salesmen are skeezy. 

Question of the day: if I live in a place where snow comes out of the sky on a regular basis during the winter months, do I need special tires?