Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Row row row your boat

We rented a rowboat a few days ago to row around a local lake.  Apparently, it was a popular idea because there were a ton of other people around in rented boats.  And I noticed something all the boats had in common:

In any boat where there was a man in the boat, the man was the one rowing.

This was true without exception.  The only boats where a woman was rowing were the all-female boats.  And then it occurred to me that I've been in these boats a lot of times, but I'm not sure I've ever rowed one.  

So I guess I'm the problem, not the solution?


  1. That's why I've stopped doing that; lazy ass wife and kids.

  2. I'm not sure it's a "problem." I understand Slime's opinion and if I find myself in the situation where my wife won't take a turn rowing it will be our last time out. We split some tasks by traditional gender oriented lines. I do most of the driving because I have the more even temper. She does most of the cooking because she's better at it. Sexist? Maybe. But it works for us.

  3. My husband is very nervous about my driving. Im only nervous driving when he's in the car, slamming his foot on his 'dummy' brake and shouting at me to LOOK OUT. It does cause one to lose focus in traffic.

    Look out is NOT helpful when you don't know where to look or why.

    So when we go somewhere together he drives. That way I get to nag him about his turn signals and speed. It evens out.

    If you're the one not rowing, ask if you can take a turn at it. It may also be that 'biological imperative' thing that tells men they're the only ones who know how to light a fire in the fireplace, even though it's your fireplace in your house and not his...