Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to cut a knot


  1. Haha! I got wise to this early on and had the audacity to ask one surgeon, "How do *you* like them cut?" He responded, "Oh you're saying PREFERENCE has something to do with it and my way isn't THE RIGHT WAY?"

    He was kidding around. I think.

  2. ha. read your blog regularly and tonight decided to dive into the archives. i'm a fourth year now and vividly remember my FIRST day of surgery, the crazy ass trauma surgeon asked me (and i seriously thought he was pimping me): MED STUDENT, WHAT ARE THE FOUR WAYS TO CUT A KNOT? i stuttered and he responded, "too short, too long, too #$#%ing short, and too $%^# long." i probably went home and cried.