Sunday, June 13, 2010

The med student gunner: profile

Stay tuned for a multi-part comic post on 6/15: How to be a med student gunner


  1. portable slide projector so you can do an impromptu Powerpoint presentation on the differential of elevated bilirubin while on rounds.

  2. Hey! Looks like 25% of the men in my class!

    What does a female gunner look like?

    (I think Armani pants are more expensive than that....)

  3. Yeah, I drew this a while ago and as I was looking at it, I was like, "Why did I think Armani pants were so cheap?" But was too lazy to fix it :)

    This cartoon and the one I'm posting tomorrow are all losely based on this one particular guy in my class who was a gunner extraordinaire. The rest of the class bonded over his awfulness. The women in my class were nowhere near as bad. Or at least, nobody seemed that bad compared to this guy.

  4. Can you do a compare/contrast between the adult learner and the gunner.

    I am in the former category but feel that we often get lumped into one (since we both usually sit near the front of the class).


    There is a female and male version in my class and yes we too bond over their obnoxious awfulness (and the fact that boy gunner laughs too loudly at usually inappropriate intervals and has a nervous tremor..too bad he wants to do neuro surg...)

  5. You just described the entire front row of my chemistry class last semester.

  6. I made sure I sat in the back of class - even if I knew the answer, I never shouted it out unless called on.
    In my day, we called them "throats"