Saturday, July 31, 2010

Insane attending stories


  1. When my sister was in the L&D ward with her first child, she was at the same hospital I was doing my residency at, 2 floors down from the neurology floor.

    When I went to go visit her (while there was nothing going on in neurology), I got chewed out by one of the attendings in my program. He told me that unless I was the one delivering the baby there was no reason why I should have gone over there.

  2. It's crazy that this stuff happens! I know this trauma surgeon, and she said during her residency she would have to get up in the middle of the to go in and do surgery when her baby was just months old. She said the attendings didn't cut her any slack.

  3. From the pharmacy world: Know a girl whose water broke in the pharmacy! Scared of the same thing happening to me, I called in sick when they wanted me to work 64 miles from my home 2 days before my due date.....