Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adjectives to describe a rash: a med student guide

Note: Cartoon inspired by Meat, MD


  1. hahaha..your blog is really amusing. i'm a fresh nursing graduate from the Philippines and i'm glad to discover doctors can have quite a humor. =)

  2. I like this guide much better than all those high falutin' Derm Terms I can never seem to remember. (Me mentally in clinic - Is it a macule, a papule, a pimple, a pustule, a pox?? Gah!)

    I downloaded the app for VisualDx to my iPod this year. It requires a wireless connection so I can't use it in the clinic, but it has certainly helped me sound like (slightly?) less of an idiot in the hospital a few times so far....

  3. I LOVE your blog!

    I have been blogging for 3 3/4 yrs now and for the 1st time have really hit a *Forest Gump stops running* period in my desire to blog. I have written things that I am not posting and just don't feel it. Ideas have almost always flowed and now the well feels so dry.

    The thing that drew me into the medical blogosphere was the exquisite medical humor.

    Thanks for sharing these. Your work put me back in touch with why I love the med blogs ..the humor. And other things ..but humor my favorite. :)

    I've blogrolled you and will do a little post with a link.

  4. please do a scale with pain!

    "A week course of intermittent pain. it's a sharp pain located in the chin that radiates to the thumb, described like someone is opening a bag of chips inside you (!?). It gets worst when swearing, and gets better when dancing. patient associate it with hiccups"
    True story.

  5. "Smells Like Ass." That is the best adjective I have heard. It should become standard so I can write it in the chart.