Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 6 attending rounding styles

(Lord help me, I've become Dr. Everyone Needs to Poop Today.)


  1. What about "Dr Berater" who basically gives his patients all his crap about their smoking, obesity, noncompliance, etc. Not helpful to med students tagging along.

  2. Fizzy, As usual you are a genius. Also, becoming Dr. poop is a lot better than becoming Dr. Anal.

    I've got some more for you:

    - Dr. Extended Teaching Rounds With the Post Call Team?
    - Dr. All Patients are Drug Seeking and/or Difficult
    - Dr. Everyone's Bedside Manner Sucks Except Mine
    - Dr. If You Ask Me a Question I Will Make You Do a Presentation on it Tomorrow.

  3. I've been that doctor as well. After the main ward round, I've been known to do "bowel rounds" to catch any "not pooped since admission, had lots and lots of pain meds", particularly if they came in on a weekend I wasn't there.

    Dr Philosophises while the Team Quietly Die of Boredpm
    Dr Rounds Four Times a Day
    Dr Does His Own Round an Hour before the Team to catch them out.
    Dr "Well, You Guys Seem to Have This All Under Control". Aka, Dr Invisible"

  4. As usual, Fizzy, you've done an awesome job.

  5. Dr. ADHD - always jumping from one issue to another, without much linking them.

  6. OMDG: I love that last one about the presentations! Good way to discourage questions. As for Dr. Anal, I literally had an attending say that exact thing to me. At least she laughed afterwards and said, "I'm kind of picky, huh?" But it was better than the Dr. Poop I worked with who decided tell 50+ cross cover patients on a Saturday that their eyes were turning brown.

    Dragonfly: I've definitely had a few Dr. Philosophizes.

  7. Oh jesus christ. I'm having PTSD flashbacks from the pt I had who was about 500 lbs, bedridden, impacted, and the doc put him on lactulose.

    At least med students don't have to change beds/patients like nursing students do. :P

  8. What about Dr. Doesn't Shut Up And Talks To Patients for 45 Minutes About Unrelated Things While You Stand There Awkwardly and Watch?

    Beloved by patients, hated by residents and med students alike.


  9. Ha! We have a clinical pharmacist around here who is a sweet tiny chick affectionately nicknamed "The Bowel Care Nazi" by the interns.

    The funny thing is, she has a point.

  10. Oh gods, I'm having flashbacks to my run-in with Dr Everyone Poops. I was admitted for two weeks and long story short hadn't eaten for 2-3 days before admittance. I was on a liquid-only diet for the first week I was there and EVERY DAY that Dr Poopy came in the 1st question was, "Have you had a bowel movement today? Morphine can cause problems there, we have to be careful!" Then I'd remind him YET AGAIN that I'd had no solid food for N+2-3 days and where was said poop supposed to come from?

    He'd look sheepish, mutter something like, "Oh, yeah" and then go on to the real problem that I was admitted for.

    The funny part is how when I finally did start eating real food, he'd been rotated off my care. [Staff Dr at a clinic that does a residency program; staff took 1 month rotations for hospital admissions.] The next Dr was a little less, shall we say, anal about the poopage.

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  12. This entire blog has made my day. Been glued the ENTIRE day. Keep up the humor, loving it from Kenya. (Strange how things are the pretty much the same world over).