Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cruel Resident Stories: The ever-important post-its


  1. What a bitch. How useless. I don't ever remember using post-it notes for sign-outs, in residency OR med-school.

  2. Please tell me these cruel resident stories are from your prelim year! I start my physiatry residency next year. Your cruel resident stories make me extra grateful for my generally kind or at least benign residents. Can't imagine how much more I would want to quit & move to the country if they were mean.

  3. Bitch. And furthermore, doesn't she realize that if the post-its lose their stickiness, then they will fly away? Though, I suppose that would have been your fault too.....

  4. Grumpy and OMDG: For some reason, everyone used to stick post-its all over their signouts. It was rampant.

    MG: I never had a resident supervising me during physiatry residency. Most of my cruel resident stories are actually about the same resident.

  5. Wow. Our check out sheets were things like

    Room 354- MI
    355- big stroke
    356- small stroke
    357- GI bleed.
    358- Crazy

  6. Our post-its included any to-do's for the cross cover person. So if you were signing out a rectal exam for the cross cover to do, you damn well better put it on a post-it.

  7. I remember a sign out sheet that had the following patient's info on it:
    "48 y/o HIV+ Ex-IVDA loser here with skin abscess....: