Saturday, October 9, 2010

4-D Horse

OK, granted, this isn't a cartoon and has little to nothing to do with medicine, but just in case there are any math nerds reading this blog, they may find this amusing...

So while playing Skiball (the game of champions) a bit ago, I won the most fabulous prize ever: a Horses(TM) 4D puzzle!

I was terribly excited to find out how a 4D puzzle might work. How would they incorporate Time into the puzzle? I was a little bit concerned when the insert said that it was "3D + Details". Details does NOT constitute another dimension.

Anyway, I photographed the experience:

The puzzle box. Oooh, this is exciting!

The 4D horse begins to take shape. This appears to be a head of some sort. Still only 3D, but I'm hopeful.

Ew, have you ever wondered what the inside of a horse looks like? It's all black with lots of tiny squares.

The finished product (note the horseshoe-shaped puzzle box). We gradually accelerate the horse up to 88 MPH...

And our 4D horse enters hyperspace:


  1. WOW!!! I had NO IDEA you could enter hyperspace at 88 mph!!! Does that only apply to horses? Cause I'm sure I've driven that fast a couple times (on long, straight, empty highways) and *I* never got to enter hyperspace. I feel really gypped, now. :(

  2. As a math nerd and a medical student, I thought this was hilarious! (and I got the "Back to the Future" reference too)

  3. charlieeeeeee. we're going to candy mountain...

  4. This might be my favorite post ever. ^_^ The 4-D stuff bugs me too! Recently my in-laws + their grandkids were putting together a 4-D puzzle, and I asked them how the heck time fit into the puzzle. (I don't think they got it.)