Friday, October 22, 2010

The 6 grades of heart murmurs


  1. I go through the I-VI systolic murmur grading at least once a day. Still's murmurs are my bread and butter. :) Now it makes perfect sense why when I say it's a II/VI and the med student with me looks at me with "Whuh? Huh?" written on their face.

  2. Hahahaha. I would add one, the now you hear now you don't murmur.

    1/2 the time I have one, the other 1/2 it's, apparently, undetectable.

    I can never tell if the docs are hearing things or not hearing things.

    At least my fickle murmur is nothing to get excited about.


  3. Lol, that is so funny and so true! I am a 2nd year med student and still learning to hear murmurs. Half the time I am still trying to figure out if it's a murmur or ambient noise. But I must say I am definitely getting better, last week I picked up a grade 2 murmur and thought it was a Grade 3; my attending said my ears are getting more sensitive :) I am shopping around for a better stethoscope although my attending informed me that "all stethoscopes are the same and I should just train my ears."

  4. You outdid yourself here Fizzy!!!
    Once, I was in a teaching clinic, as a 2nd year med student, the professor had one of those long hose like stethoscopes, with double hearing outlets - one exclusively for the students - there was a murmur, which EVERY "gunner" not only heard, but also deciphered whether it was crescendo decrescendo or pansystolic!!! Most other students just nodded, I was the only one who couldn't hear anything.....
    In the end, professor said - "who is going to be the best doc" and pointed at me....
    She had NEVER turned the student hearing piece on!!!!!
    There was nothing to hear!!!!!
    I never felt so good about NOT hearing a murmur again though ;-)