Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guest Post: Mnemonics

Note: Contributed by Dr. Box


  1. "Cindy is kinky so she fornicates more often." :)

  2. I always used I P on the MAT for mitosis, myself.

  3. Two favorites:

    "Oh Oh Oh, To Touch And Feel Very Good Vaginas And Hymens" - cranial nerves ("Very Good" is sometimes switched for "Virgin Girls'" if you're looking for some variety)

    "Big Sluts Get Lucky Constantly" - layers of the epidermis

  4. Aw, everyone knows the cranial nerves are "On old Olympus'towering tops a French and German Viewed some Hops" except that the auditory nerve ("and")is now the vestibulocochlear.

    My most recent useful invention was "Teens Always Invite Massively Inebriated Virgins" for chemotherapy agents that need to be dose-adjusted in liver failure. (Taxanes, anthracyclines, irinotecan, mtx, ixempra, vincas)