Friday, November 26, 2010

Cruel Resident Stories

Note: All cruel resident stories are 100% true.


  1. Like your blog. I am linking to it from Health Train Express.

  2. My own L&D horror story: My partner on L&D was horrible and I spent the entire rotation answering "Where's Kim?". So, one day, Kim went to wherever Kim went, I was left to round on the entire post-partum ward by myself. I saw and wrote orders for the resident on 15 of the 18 patients only to be bitched out by the resident because she had to write orders on three (3!) whole patients. Decided then and there not to do OB/GYN.

  3. what's sad is for the whole beginning of my third year, i thought all of those things were fair med student jobs. until a resident from a neighboring school informed me that in fact should not happen