Monday, November 29, 2010

Top 6 Inpatient PM&R Consults


  1. Yeah, it's on the CVA protocol at my hospital, too. I don't check it off (I prefer to actually see if the patient is going to need you guys before bothering you) but a lot of other docs just check off the whole page.

    I think if they put an order on there that said "force-feed attending physician dogshit" it would get checked off.

  2. Grumpy: That checkbox was the bain of my existence during residency. The only thing that saved us was that at our hospital, the consulting resident had to personally call the consult service in order to get a consult put in, and most of them were too lazy to do so.

  3. This was pretty much the best friggin cartoon ever. I actually laughed out loud at most of your cartoons. I may have to start drawing....