Friday, December 10, 2010

3D Movies

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Megamind in 3D after having already seen it in 2D. There were some very notable differences:

All joking aside, I think 3D movies suck. They basically charge you $3-5 extra for something that is barely different from the 2D version. Depending on what expensive city you live in, it can cost like $50 for a family of three to see a movie. (Not including the expensive popcorn sold by Megamind.)



  1. And if your vision isn't perfectly engineered, they give you a terrible headache - literally adding injury to insult.

  2. I've never understood all the hype, especially for movies like Avatar. It just seems like unnecessary window dressing for a movie that doesn't really add anything.

  3. The real difficult thing is telling little children there isn't a difference

  4. I agree. I don't 3D movies are all that different, and they give me a major headache. But good luck convincing my husband. He thinks they are so amazing, and he tells me it's completely different, can't I just see the depth and dimension? (Answer: no)I think his vision operates differently... maybe for the small percentage of the population with the eyesight exactly similar to the movie makers, it really is different.

  5. Yeah, I get a headache too.

    The crazy thing is that while I was at the Bronx Zoo a bit ago, they had this Dora 3D movie that was actually done really well. The effects were good enough that my daughter actually tried to grab Map. But the 3D effects are never that good in the Pixar movies.