Thursday, December 16, 2010

Remember these three words


  1. Have you ever forgotten the 3 words when you're administering this test to a patient? I have.

  2. I most certainly have forgotten the three words. Hence I now always use the examples listed on the template!

    Tree clock boat FTW!

    I have spent quite some time pondering the MMSE. One decision I have arrived at is that if my patient says we are in London and it's July (when we are actually in Sydney and it's April), if they then say that the season is summer, I think that deserves a point.

    My most disliked question is "No ifs, ands or buts". Mainly because I have trouble saying it clearly enough for someone with old person hearing. I seriously can't remember the last time someone got it right. The most common response from someone who is not stone deaf seems to be "No if and or but".

    I quite enjoy the writing a sentence question - the most common sentence has to be "I want to go home". I once had an altercation with an intern when I was a student. My patient had written "I love you". The intern wanted me to not give any points because "that's not a proper sentence because it's only three words". Hah! It's a textbook sentence! Subject, verb, object!

    It's not a part of MMSE but our template sheets have a blank clock-face circle after the intersecting pentagons. I really love looking at the clock faces my patients come up with. I would like to start collecting clocks (along with info on the pathology contributing to the final result).

  3. My mother is a geriatric nurse practitioner, and has done the MMSE so many times that she has told us not to try to use it on her because even when, in her own words, she gets old and senile, she's still going to remember the five words you're supposed to repeat back.

  4. In my first clinical setting this past summer, my preceptor asked me to administer a MMSE to an elderly patient. I was nervous, as not only had I never given one of those, but the entire family was sitting in the room watching me. I get halfway through the exam, and forget the three words. I turned 8 shades of red as I realized I couldn't remember what they were. Luckily, she missed them too, and the daughter blurts in with "oh mom, you couldn't get even one?" thus allowing me to make a subtle retreat.

  5. I never forget the three words because I do the test at least once a day and I always use the same words.

    I think it would be interesting to see a collection of the sentences people write during their MMSE.

  6. Ah yes my mother has been practising spelling world backwards for years now.

    When I am old enough to be mini-mentalled, I intend to spell whirled backwards :D

  7. I use the words from the MOCA... conveniently written down so that they are there when *I* forget them. [Clock and Necker cube included in eval. Bonus!] I revert to the MMSE for lower-functioning patients.

    Try having people spell "ocean" backwards when you tire of "world" (or "whirled.")

  8. Fuck you , doctor LMAO! so simple so hurtful.

  9. When I worked in Whistler ED [a.k.a Head-Injury Capital of Canada] we used "hope, green, taxi"and would say "just remember: I HOPE you go home in a GREEN TAXI".

    If I ever get a H.I (or when I get old and senile) I am sure that those will be the only three words I'll ever repeat back when asked.