Monday, January 24, 2011

Anatomy lab groups REBOOT

I got this new program to make images look a little nicer on the computer, so I went and redid my page on the anatomy lab groups. I think it looks better. So anyway, here it is, "Anatomy Lab Groups" Rebooted, starring Christian Bale as Anatomy:

The 13 Types of Anatomy Lab Groups

(Fun Fact: When I first published this 10 billions years ago in my med school humor magazine, there were actually 14 different types of anatomy lab groups, but the 14th one was an in-joke. The cow costume is a little borderline so I kept it.)


  1. HI, I love your blog! But, waaah! I only count 8 types and no cow costume! Je suis desole! ;-)

  2. Barbara, you may need to give it a minute or two to load.