Sunday, January 23, 2011

Choosing a specialty (a true story)

Dedicated to Jon. In your defense, premies DO kind of look like old people.


  1. I can relate, but replace 'geriatrics' with 'psychiatry' and 'old people' with 'crazy people'.

  2. Awesome. I am sure my cartoon at the end of this journey will be somewhat similar (a far leap from where I thought I'd end up).

    My closest friend in nursing school went in to become a midwife and is now a palliative home care nurse.

    She says it's essentially the same thing; it is helping people either transition into the world or out of it.

  3. I don't want to get within 10 miles of pediatrics, give me older people with their life history, stories and stoic just do it attitudes.
    I like kids but on my terms. Actually most of the time it is the parents that are the worst part of the equation.

  4. I have done both....I think I prefer the babies because they are easier to manage.......esp when you are changing the diaper and cleaning them up....

  5. This sounds kind of like me...I loved pediatrics. However, I also liked old people, so I think I'm going into family med. :)