Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tales From Intern Year

I get a lot of my inspiration for drawing cartoons from a journal I kept during my intern year, but I noticed there are a lot of entries that I liked, but don't really translate super well into cartoons. Or at least, I'm not talented (or too lazy) to draw them. So I'm going to do a new segment called "Tales From Intern Year" which is basically a way for me to be lazy and post stuff without actually drawing anything and writing anything new. Yay!

I'm going to commence with an all-important list I made:

10 Great Things About Being an Intern

1. Wearing scrubs is kind of like wearing pajamas. So being on call is less like work and more like a really really horrible sleepover party.

2. You get to hear everyone's most intimate secrets, like why your 85 year old patient has a penile implant.
On second thought, I don't want to know.

3. Nurses may bring in candy. Take the candy... it could be your only opportunity to eat for the next 24 hours.

4. You get to save lives by filling out lots and lots of paperwork. Otherwise, why would you do it?

5. I can prescribe anything I want, baby.
No wait, I don't have a license yet.
Um, I can prescribe anything I want baby, as long as it's not a controlled substance and it's within my own hospital or else cosigned by a licensed practioner. You want some ear medicine? I can totally prescribe that for you. Oh yea, you're getting hot now.

6. Earning less than minimum wage can be somewhat lucrative if you're working 100+ hours a week.

7. Unlimited access to old men's rectums.

8. Sure, being an intern can be a hard life sometimes. But despite the long hours spent awake, you still feel like you're making a difference and really helping [falls asleep in the middle of heartfelt speech]

9. You get the title you've always wanted...
"What are those two letters after your name? MD? Are those your middle initials?"
"No, that's my freaking degree."

10. Opportunity to cut someone with a scalpel without accompanying long jail sentence.


  1. and to think i was actually looking forward to this!
    and as a side note, one of my friends at med school has the middle initials md haha

  2. my god, it's 100% accurate. gah, i need to be a 2nd year already.

  3. Female interns also frequently get called "nurse"!

  4. No cartoon for number 2? wimpppp

  5. Yeah, this list demands a cartoon.

  6. Sorry, you must enjoy this list in its non-cartoon form :P

    Grumpy: Being called "nurse" was possible the *least* annoying thing about intern year.

  7. In nursing school (being male in my mid-30's) I was frequently called Doctor at least once a clinical rotation.

  8. I actually don't mind being called "nurse" by my patients. Unless they're the kind of patient who likes to abuse their nurses. Then I mind.

  9. Yes, it is funny how the things you thought would annoy you really don't (like being called "nurse") and the things you thought you would get excited about really aren't that thrilling (like being called "doctor" because it goes from being an exciting new title to being something that means loads of work, responsibility and stress)

  10. Oh, I am SO glad to be old. :) #1 made me laugh out loud--literally.

  11. re #3: Nurses may BRING IN candy, but it doesn't necessarily mean YOU CAN HELP YOURSELF. Please ASK first before you devour the whole box. It's appreciated. Believe me.

  12. I don't know what kind of scrubs you wear because my scrubs are not comfortable. Especially in the summer. But it could be my fault for living in the South? Also I can't wear whatever scrubs I want, I have to wear what administration tells me; which means looking like a smurf with our company name monogram for advertisement.