Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly Whine: If it smells like a gunner....

I hope this is an antiquated practice now, but back when I was a little wide-eyed first year, our histology lectures were recorded on tape. Then to study, we'd go to someone's house who had a VCR and watch them over and over and over until our eyes would bleed.

It was horrible.

Anyway, I was at one of these "histology parties" in my second term of med school at a friend's house. One of the people present was a young guy named Angelo, who was one of those people you look at and think, "He seems really cool." He was funny, always seemed to have a lot of girlfriends, and on his way in to the histology party, had accidentally gone to my friend's landlady's apartment and after declaring her a "MILF," claimed he considered ditching the party and staying with her.

Anyway, somewhere in the middle of watching tapes, Angelo spoke up, "Hey, what did everyone get on the practical portion of the anatomy final?"

Nobody volunteered a score, so Angelo said, "I got three wrong. I'm just wondering because I think I may have gotten the highest score in the class."

Immediately, I thought, "Wow, that was obnoxious. What a total gunner."

But later, my friend (who was also Angelo's lab partner) told me that Angelo "wasn't like that." That he was just genuinely curious about whether he got the highest score in the class. And that if he got a low score, he would have asked around to see if he got the lowest score in the class. At the time, I totally bought it.

A couple of years later, my roommate who was on a rotation with Angelo told me that he was the biggest brown-noser she had ever seen. She came home every day with ten stories that made her want to strangle him. Then he was junior AOA.

So the moral is, if someone acts like a gunner and talks like a gunner, don't kid yourself. You're looking at a gunner.


  1. by inference then... MILFs dig gunners? :)

  2. We called them throats. I knew them immediately because they always sat up front. They groused about every exam answer they got wrong and contested them until a few of the questions were struck down as being "misleading".
    The cool people (like me LOL) sat in the way back and either slept or just reviewed the note-taker's notes from the previous week's lectures. Oh, and we made fun of the throats.

  3. I sat up front because I couldn't see. Does that make me a gunner?

  4. OMDG: Yes :)

    Actually, in my school, we had pretty good transcripts, so most people didn't bother to attend lecture at all unless it was required. There were people who did go every single day and often also sat near the front. I didn't think they were gunners though. I just thought they were kind of nerdy and a little pathetic :)

  5. I am one of those people who attend lecture every day and sit near the front. I wouldn't consider myself a gunner, but definitely kind of nerdy and a little pathetic :).

  6. Yep, total nerd here. But you already knew that.

  7. I'm nerdy and pathetic, but also too lazy to actually go to class.

  8. For my psychology class the teacher puts everything online to be downloaded as a video, so the idea isn't gone, but the method has changed.

  9. Lol to the histology parties! I'm a baby first year, and they no longer do that. We have audio lectures for the freaks that want to listen to them outside of class, but there are also notetaker notes. I think most people who skip class just skim the notetaker notes. I don't have much interaction with the gunners, because when I do go to class, I sit middle-backish and try not to act crazy.

  10. We had one histology party first year- it was totally unproductive lol.
    That guy sounds like a tool, almost rivaling my arch nemesis who watches last years lectures the night before so she can ask smart sounding questions in class the next day...

  11. Yep, we still have histology parties! My school records everything on DVD, so we still get together to watch lectures. Last year they started posting them on the internet, so now we don't have to go through the hassle of a 4 hour DVD check out.