Friday, May 13, 2011

6 Great Things about Being a Midwestern Doc

I thought I published this yesterday, but blogger went batshit crazy yesterday and now the post is gone... so... here it is again!


  1. ::laughs:: I moved to NY from the midwest. I've often had things blamed on my now being from NY.

  2. Awesome, love the one in the upper right. A friend is doing his opthomology residency in Minnesota and apparently this is very true. He posted on facebook about how people with a mild case of pinkeye avoid the ER in a blizzard, and he only gets pages for people with interesting injuries. I believe his quote was "I never mind getting paged for REAL optho emergencies."

    Unfortunately though, that apparently sometimes includes people who have gotten significant corneal injuries from an icy snowball to the face in a snowball fight. :(

  3. Mullet spotting is one of my favorite activities during my downtime at our hospital ;)

  4. Totally :)
    There were a bunch of comments here, but they all got deleted in the blogger meltdown the other day.

  5. You forgot hotdish (think that was mine)...

    And throwing the horse over the fence some hay...

    And "my sister married my best friend's brother who had a best friend who I married and now our kids all play together; that's why I don't really have time for new friends" ...

  6. Gotta love the midwest!