Thursday, May 5, 2011

You're smart, we get it!

As a resident, I once consulted neurology about a patient who I thought was possibly having mild seizures. Neuro had a few thoughts on the seizures, but they were more gung ho about us doing something about the midline shift caused by my patient's very large craniectomy. (When the skull is gone, atmospheric pressure tends to crush the brain a bit.)

Anyway, my attending wasn't buying that replacing the skull that was removed would help our patient. So the neuro resident told us he was going to leave us an article to convince us.

So he did leave us an article.... in GERMAN.

Somehow, I was not convinced.


  1. Ich bein ein neurologist.

  2. That was really funny. If I become a neurologist, there is NO WAY I'm going to be that smart.

  3. Ach du lieber!

    He could be FOS, too. How do you know what it really said? It could have been a review of venereal disease.

  4. Grumpy -- So true. Most neurologists I know DO have a pretty good sense of humor.

  5. Back in college I had to find references for triangular cartilage repair and for the life of me couldn’t find much of anything written in English.

    Finally found what i thought was a decent article, in German... I could actually understand some of it, thanks to shared roots of medical terminology and English being a Germanic language I guess. It was hilarious and odd at the same time if given the same article in my first language, I’d have no idea what I was reading. I could read it, but not understand much of what I was reading.

  6. Hopefully it was not written by Dr Mengele