Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tales from Residency: Checking out the chief

My 45-ish, Married, Male Attending: "So I was leaving the gym yesterday and I saw this attractive woman leaving who was all dressed up in this little workout outfit, with a tight shirt and short-shorts... with writing across the butt. Looking really fit, you know?"

Male Resident: "So she had it going on, huh?"

Attending: "Yeah, exactly. So I was checking her out when I hear a voice say to me, 'Hi, Dr. Johnson!' It turned out it was [your chief resident]!"

Me: "Um, that story totally isn't appropriate to tell to other residents."

Attending: "Really? But I keep my pants on in this version."

(Okay, I made up that last line. Or at least, I borrowed it. But the rest is true.)