Friday, July 1, 2011

Attacked by a flower!

When I was at work, someone had deposited a basket of very pretty flowers near one of the computers on the wards. Everybody was commenting on how nice they looked and how good they smelled.

I was near the flowers when I was checking some labs and they did indeed smell very nice. However, when I was walking away, I realized that there was reddish-brown pollen ALL OVER the shoulder of my white coat. It looked like someone had popped an artery over my shoulder.

I was horrified and attempted to rub it off, but that just made it worse and left a yellow stain on my white coat. I went to the nearest restroom and dunked my coat in water and managed to at least make the stain less noticeable. Of course, now my coat was sopping wet.

I went to the third floor to see if I could get another white coat, but for some reason they didn't have any sizes besides medium. No larges, no smalls, only medium. And for some reason, the medium coat was WAY too big on me... I felt like I was wearing my Daddy's jacket or something. So I had to choose between wearing a coat that was swimming on me or a coat that felt like I had just been swimming in it. I picked the wet coat. Fortunately, it dried within an hour, but it still looked a little yellow.

Now I have to wash the damn thing. Stupid flower.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you were bombed by a lily of some sort. That sucks, I hate it when that happens & it is usually when wearing white!