Monday, July 11, 2011

Tales from Intern Year

During my intern year, I learned a very important lesson:

Never let the family of your patient see your very detailed discharge summary, unless they are already out the door. I can do without being questioned on every sentence of my discharge summary.

Wife of patient: (furious) "You doctors keep saying that he has sinus problems, but he doesn't. He can breathe fine. This is a mistake!"

Me: "Where did I say he had sinus problems?"

Wife: "Right here! You wrote he had sinus bradycardia!"

Me: "Sigh.


  1. Bahaha! That's hilarious.
    Sadly a great many of our patients (in state hospitals) can barely read, let alone speak English...

  2. I can imagine your frustration then, but it provides such great fodder for blog posts now

  3. Awesome. Just awesome. I wish my patients' relatives had such easily correctable issues.

  4. Then the real quandry starts, whether to try and describe cardiac physiology to them or just give them a z-pack and go home (kidding of course).

  5. Ok, first I had to look up with bradycardia was. Which was awesome because this is now just too funny =)

  6. OH so amazing....hahaha
    Love the blog! :)

  7. I just snorted out my drink!