Monday, August 15, 2011

Are you a nerd??


<10: You are not a nerd. Except you sort of still are, since you're in med school.

11-25: You are a cool nerd. Like Harold and Kumar in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Even though you're kind of nerdy, you can still get girls, get high, and make an epic journey to get those delicious tiny burgers.

26-40: You are an intellectual nerd. Other intellectual nerds include Al Gore or David Souter. You're super nerdy, but people still respect you enough to elect you Vice President of Neurology.

>40: You are an uber-nerd. Other uber-nerds include Mark Zuckerberg or those guys from Revenge of the Nerds. Although everyone always kind of made fun of you, not so much after you become the world's youngest billionaire.


  1. I scored 1. But maybe I should get an extra point for taking the test? no?

  2. Ooooh crap. I play World of Warcraft, I am in a band... that has a medical name and sings about med school and has a rap about auscultation... I'm too scared to proceed with tallying the rest :/

  3. 17 which isn't so bad.

    Thank god I am not in a band that sings about medical stuff or else I would have scored much higher. The key point is "in a band." I do sing medical rap in my car, but the way the test is written you have to actually be in the band. :D And I've picked up men with literary references, just not women so I saved myself a few points there. :) I should get an extra few points for being nitpicky on wording, LOL.

  4. 8! And I thought for sure I was a nerd. Maybe I'm a geek instead? What's the one that reads way too much (where some of that reading may or may not be Nature News)...

  5. I scored 1. But then, I'm planning on doing psychiatry, which may be on the un-nerdiest spectrum of all of the specialties. ;)

  6. HA HA :) This is very Interesting quiz.