Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bad Roommates (part 3)

So I've been writing about ways prior roommates have pissed me off, but this is one where I was 100% guilty and still feel kind of bad about it...

In college, I had a single during my junior year, but we had a locked hallway and I shared a bathroom with three other girls who I didn't really know. These girls were all orthodox Jewish and so on the sabbath, they weren't allowed to do things like turn lights on and off. So they asked that on Friday evening and Saturday morning, I leave the light in the bathroom on.

I never ever did it.

Not purposely. It's just this automatic thing where I always shut the lights off when leaving a bathroom. It was a really hard habit to break.

So I'd often pass by the bathroom on Friday night and see one of my hallmates using the bathroom with the light out. I'd feel so bad!


  1. I shouldn't laugh at this, but I did. Bad OMDG! I'm guessing (hoping) that leaving the light off didn't make it so dark that they ran the risk of missing the toilet?

  2. Wait. They could use the tap but not the light? I'm confused. And possibly highly ignorant.

  3. Orthodox Jews do not actively use electricity on Saturday (actually, from sundown Friday evening to sundown Satuday), but do use it passively. For example, if the lights are on, one can use them to see, but one cannot turn them on or off. Most orthodox Jews use timers for all types of things - lights, air conditioners, heaters etc...

    Obviously, in cases in which lives are at stake (ie in a hospital or EMS setting) one can do whatever is necessary to save the life of the patient. This is true for both Jewish and non-Jewish patients.

    Water does not run on electricity, as such using the tap is OK.

  4. OMDG: They used to prop the door open with a box or something. I felt awful about it.