Friday, August 19, 2011

Most awesome 80 year old EVER

A few years ago, I did a consult on an 80 year old patient had a bleed in his head that was caused by a fall. I asked the son (who didn't speak perfect English) how his father had fallen.

Son: "It was one of those... those things you jump on..."
Me: "Huh?"
Son: "You know, for parties. You jump on it..."
Me: "A... trampoline?"
Son: "Yes, a trampoline."
Me: "Your father got hurt jumping on a trampoline??"


  1. My 90 plus year old grandmother would stand on her head.

  2. I was doing a rotation at the VA and an old man in his 80s came in for a flu shot. He had a cast on his leg. After I gave him his shot, we were talking (you know the VA guys like to talk) and I asked, "What happened to your leg?" He said he was breaking in a horse and it knocked him off. He started cussing his son who was supposed to be working with the horse but was lazy and irresponsible. I asked how old his son was. He was in his 60s.

  3. I hope I'm spry enough for a trampoline when I'm 80 =)

  4. My mom broke her hip at her karate class. She was about 70 at the time. The woman was fitter than me.

  5. I'm with PharmGamerKid, I think maybe it was a bounce house too. You should never lose your childish enthusiasm! Good for him to jump around at that age.

  6. a bounce house would be even more awesome. =)

  7. My landlord's dad, an energetic man in his 80s who lived here before I moved in, jumped on a trampoline every day for fun & exercise.

    He fell down 10 basement steps he had walked down every day for decades and never recovered from the subdural bleed.

    I know it's tragic but part of me is glad for him that he escaped a slow decline.