Saturday, August 13, 2011

My can opener

A woman who identified herself to my husband as "a neighbor living right next door" (very possible, since we don't know our neighbors) came by this morning to borrow a can opener. My husband handed it over and she said she'd bring it back. He didn't ask her which apartment she lived in.

It is now several hours later and the can opener has not been returned.

Do you think we will ever get it back?

I don't.


  1. Nope!

    Well, maybe in a couple of months. I hope you have a spare!

  2. We're moving very soon, so that means never.

    I always hated that crappy can opener, so they almost did us a favor if they stole it. But I still can't believe the nerve of someone asking to borrow something from a stranger then never returning it.

  3. She Will return it For sure.. :)

  4. Thank God she didn't want to borrow the car!

  5. As of this week I am also missing a can opener, a chef's knife, and a beer opener. Same bandit!?