Sunday, August 21, 2011


So in December of 2010, I submitted a study I wrote to a journal.

In August of 2011, the study was finally accepted for publication.

When will it be published? Their estimation is 2013.



  1. wow. Wanna share the journal and/or publisher, so we don't join you in the waiting list?

  2. Congratulations. I mean that now and not in two years.
    Let us geeky health care people know when it is available because I would like to read it.

  3. Snarky: Don't think so :) It's a pretty specialized journal I've never been published in before and I don't see myself ever submitting to them again.

    NP: You want to read my article on a completely unknown topic? :)

    Anyway, I guess I'm not that upset. I had two articles and a book chapter come out in 2011 but I haven't had time to do anything in a while, so this will give me something to look forward to.

  4. Seriously? That sort of delay sounds more characteristic of economics journals than biomedical journals. Wow...

  5. Sounds about right. I had one in a top 5 sub-specialty research journal and it took 16 months to get it in to print.