Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekly Whine: Typo Nazis

I find it kind of obnoxious when other people correct my spelling or grammar in the context of blog entries. I mean, it's a freaking blog. Usually I write the entry quickly and either proofread it quickly or not at all. So I don't find it helpful to have my typos pointed out, especially if it's obvious what I meant.

I find it even more obnoxious when someone acts like a typo was made out of stupidity rather than just typing carelessly. For example, when I was doing EMGs in residency, I made the mistake of calling the "median nerve" the "medial nerve" once in a written report.

Understand that like 90% of the EMGs we do are for carpal tunnel syndrome, so you can bet I know what the median nerve is and that it's not actually called the medial nerve. And my attending, who had been working with me for weeks on dozens of studies involving the median nerve, knew that I knew that. But I sure appreciate that he acted like I didn't.

Attending: "You know, there's no medial nerve. It's the median nerve."

Me: "Oh, did I write medial nerve?"

Attending: "Yes, I just thought I should let you know there's no medial nerve. It's the median nerve."

What an ass.


  1. Must teach gross anatomy. A quarter of our class wrote medial instead of medial and lost some easy points on the practical portion of the exam.

  2. You should write a blog post full of typos and grammatical errors...Maybe they'll self-destruct :P

  3. I thought the medial nerve was near the radian nerve, and opposite the ulnal.

  4. there is a medial cord (C8-T1)
    there is also a medial pectoral nerve, and medial cutaneous nerves of the arm and forearm coming off the brachial plexus
    so technically there are 3 "medial nerves" - they just aren't the terminal branches