Friday, September 9, 2011

Buh dum bum

Attending: "True story: I knew these four cardiologists who bought a boat together. And since they were cardiologists, they named it systole. Then later, they sold the boat to two pathologists, who added one letter to rename the boat asystole."

Resident: "I think all six of them need to get a life."


  1. Heh, I know an OB-GYN with a boat by the name of "The Sea-Section" which I think is pretty fabulous, if dorky.

  2. It is so bad that it is actually good. :)

    But of course I'd think that! ;)

  3. Some friends of mine have a small speedboat named 'The Six-pack'; turns out they paid the monthly loan repayment from money they saved from not smoking the six packs of cigarettes they used to.

  4. Why did the epidemiologist go to the beach?
    To CDC.

  5. I knew an OB whose license plate said EPDRL ;)