Thursday, September 22, 2011

A conversation from med school

Me: "What are you on?" (the prototypical third year question)

Friend: "Psych."

Me: "Nice."

Friend: "So I had this one patient... she was thin with red hair..."

Me: "Yeah...?"

Friend: "She was also very artistic. She was always drawing."

Me: "Uh huh..."

Friend: "She was very open about telling us about the voices in her head and stuff. She was really good at explaining it to us. She was really cool."

Me: "Really..."

Friend: "Yeah, so."

Me: "Is that the whole story?"

Friend: "No, no. I mean, the thing was, this girl really reminded me of someone, like in her looks, her attitude, her everything."

Me: "Really? Who?"

Friend: "You."

Me: "Whoa."

Friend: "Like she told us the voices she heard would always comment on what she was doing. So say she was drawing a picture, the voices would tell her, 'Nice picture.' I can totally see you saying something like that. If you heard voices, that is."

Me: "Hey, how old was this girl?"

Friend: "She was twenty."

Me: "OK, good, I'm older than her. I'd just like to confirm I'm not heading in that direction."

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