Monday, September 26, 2011

The Fly

My mother has the weirdest strategy ever for killing flies.

What she does is she heats up some water to boiling, then tries to scald the fly by hurling the water at it. She claims this works really well. Except somehow last night, it all went wrong.

Apparently while throwing the boiling water at the fly, she instead hit the remote control, completely destroying it. She had to order a new remote.

And to add insult to injury, the fly survived the scalding and was seen in the living room today. Now my mother is trying to lure it into an ice cream trap, and I strongly suspect this second venture will also be unsuccessful.


  1. Maybe she should try hair spray instead. More targeted, and she could just wipe the remote off next time.

  2. ::blinks::

    ::blinks again::

    I can't... But... why?!?

  3. She's lucky she's never accidently hit a person with the water...

  4. My husband's method of catching flies is even more creative: he's growing venus flytraps.

  5. It seems like hurling scalding water everywhere is just a bad idea all around...

  6. Have you explained to her that by using multiple unusual pest-control strategies she is merely selecting for a new strain of super-fly which will end up enslaving mankind in their unspeakable sugar mines?

    Stick with swatters. Flies with fast reflexes are annoying, but nothing more.

  7. There's this swatter they use in China that zaps flies with small jolts of electricity upon impact. It's awesome.