Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lies I was told as a med student

I drew this cartoon for our humor mag in med school, and in analysis of the cartoon, I have a couple of thoughts:

1) Apparently, Frasier was still airing back then. It's funny because this is like the second Frasier joke I've had on this blog and I've only seen like a dozen episodes total.

2) Have you noticed that some of my drawings look a lot like Archie comics? This one especially is very Archie-riffic. That's because I learned to draw from Archie. I used to look at the comics and draw Betty and Veronica over and over again. And now, 20-something years later, I can't stand when my drawings look like Betty and Veronica.


  1. It does look very Archie, but the guy on the left also looks a bit like Fred from ScoobyDoo.

  2. We must have been separated at birth. That's how _I_ learned to draw the human figure.

  3. "your step 1 score isn't the most important thing in your residency application".

    "Attendings will know if the residents take advanage of the med students, it just doesn't happy"

    Oh really?

  4. Sorry, that last word should be "happen".