Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to find out you're pregnant

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that nobody ever gets pregnant during their intern year on purpose. So when interns find out they're pregnant, it's usually an accident and they sometimes find out in interesting ways.

For example, one intern in my class was feeling really fatigued. She went to her doctor because she believed she had lymphoma. It wasn't lymphoma.

A second intern had been having pelvic pain and it was thought that she had ovarian cysts. She went to have an ultrasound to assess the cysts and they found a heartbeat.


  1. Hi Dr Fizzy! I don't usually comment on your posts but I love how you phrased how your 2nd intern found out about her pregnancy. '...they found a heartbeat'. - that's beautiful

  2. A friend of mine got pregnant unintentionally in her last year of medical school and discovered after she was complaining to a group of people about a case of "gastro" that wouldn't go away. When she mentioned that she kept vomiting in the morning, we all looked at her like she was an idiot, and then someone asked when her last period had been. The look of shock on her face when she realized it had been a few months was impressive!

  3. Is it that bad to wanna get pregnant during that time? I just had a baby recently in between my 2nd & 3rd yr in med school. Right now the baby is 7 months & I'm currently studying for the Step 1. It is tough & challenging, but I do have a great support system and I have to make a bunch of sacrifices, but it's worth it. =)

  4. SD -- That is freaking hilarious. Oopsie!

  5. haha love it. I really hope this doesn't happen to me... I cant imagine intern year without copious amounts of caffeine haha

  6. Sponge ... check!
    Condom used too... check!

    9 months later, bouncing 10# 4oz baby boy (replete with 14" head)...

    Thankfully, IF I see an "intern" year, my eggs will have dried up, factory closed. I guess that'll be a positive with my age, rather than a detraction: I can't reproduce anymore :) (nor should I???) :D

  7. For my wife and I it was while at a movie.
    Her: "Umm, my fingers are swollen, my ring is really tight."
    Me: "OK we'll pee on a stick when we get home."