Sunday, October 9, 2011

My husband is funny

Me: "My med student wanted a patient, so I gave her this young guy with a pineal gland tumor."

Husband: "A what?"

Me: "A pineal gland tumor."

Husband: "That sounds like a painful place to have a tumor."

Me: "Uh..."

Husband: "I wouldn't want a tumor on my pineal gland."

Me: "Probably not."

Husband: "Can women have a pineal gland tumor?"

Me: "..."

Husband: "Is there a such thing as a clitoral gland tumor?"

Me: "The pineal gland in the brain, you know."

Husband: "It doesn't sound like it's in the brain."

Me: "Well, it is."

Husband: "What does it do?"

Me: "Well, it....... hmmm..... it does something."


  1. ... and just like that I was forced confront my ignorance regarding pineal gland tumors as well...

  2. Recently I was watching Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, and the bonus question was "What gland secretes melatonin?" The contestant was a doctor, and she didn't know. She was debating between adrenals and pituitary, and I was screaming "pituitary" at the TV. But it turned out to be the pineal gland.

  3. That's an easy one! Obviously the pineal gland is the source of the third eye, the main locus of connection between soul and body, and the anchoring point for the silver cord during astral projection. It's easy to remember these because of its location, at the center of the seventh "crown" chakra.

    Oh, and something about melatonin too, I guess.

  4. The pineal gland is there to grow tumors?

  5. According to one of the faculty teaching Neuro: "In animals, the pineal gland serves as a 'third eye.' In humans, it primarily serves as a source for tumors."

  6. I think it's actually right next to the spruceal gland...