Monday, October 3, 2011

Tales from Residency: Adam Sandler

Consult Resident: "This stroke patient has really impaired short term memory. It's like... have you ever seen that movie, 50 First Dates? With Drew Barrymore?"

Me: "Yeah...."

CR: "It's like that. Every five minutes he'd forget what we had just been talking about."

Me: "So it's actually more like Memento."

CR: "Oh yeah. I guess so."

Ten minutes later, while presenting to the attending...

CR: "...and every five minutes he'd forget what we had just been saying..."

Attending: "Oh, like that movie, 50 First Dates, right?"

It's sad when our knowledge of memory disorders comes from an Adam Sandler movie.


  1. The movie they use at my med school is Groundhog Day, but I agree Memento is much more clinically accurate. In fact, I think the *Neurology* people refer to Memento, and everyone else uses Groundhog Day.



  2. In India, we relate to it with a Bollywood movie called Ghajini (probably inspired from Memento only)... But, yeah the point is that movies are what we relate to! Reel life which is not so real!

  3. as far as movies go, Memento>>>50 First Dates

  4. OMDG: Groundhog day? That doesn't really make sense, because there was a question of whether he was actually living the same day again... and he had a memory of having lived it before.

    A: I agree.