Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A promise

A promise from me to you: This blog will not make you cry.

People in medicine can always make you cry. We've got enough stories about death and dying that it's likely one of them is enough to make you pretty sad. I've got such stories. During my ICU rotation, I cried after every call, and only about half those times were because I felt sorry for myself. And don't even get me started on pediatric rehab.

So it would be pretty easy for me to tell those tearjerkers. But I won't. Not even one.


Because life is already too damn sad. Why should you be slapped in the face with it on the internet too?


  1. Some people like reading things that make them cry. Occasionally I do too.... but mostly I like to read things that make me laugh. Don't turn into one of those sappy writers!

  2. Like Old MD Girl, I generally prefer to read things that make me laugh or smile. But, there are times that a good tear-jerker is worth hearing. I wouldn't want to see your blog turn into a total tear-jerking extravaganza, but I'm not going to bail out just because you share some of the pain and sorrow that you have to deal with.

  3. Skimed this post before bed.. got to the end and was all, "cry? Tears over this post?" And then spent 5 minutes searching the blog for something remotely sad. Unsuccessfully. Thoroughly confused, I re-read the post. "oh," I realize. "Fizzy said it WONT make me cry." What a difference reading it right in the first place makes.
    And Fizzy?
    Thanks :)

  4. Welp, I feel like a jerk now.

  5. Thanks.

    And remember, I can stop reading a blog. I can't stop going to doctors. Although it is the insurance company that makes me cry most often.

    Got a letter from them the other day complaining that they had no record of my a1c, creatine, LDL, or ophthalmologist visit.

    In the first place, why the hell should they?

    And in the second place, they either paid or refused to pay for every damned one of them. By name. (Or code.)

  6. Part of the reason I posted with is that a few times I've been tempted to post one of those sad stories, but I really don't think it "fits" with my blog, plus I personally really find those posts a downer. So I figure if I announce I'm not going to do it, I won't be tempted for fear of being a hypocrite.

  7. Sometimes, Fizzy - the blog is the only way to vent things out.

    I once did not post anything that was not upbeat and would only allude to things that were going wrong in my life. Eventually, I was chastised for it by a few readers who wanted to know how much I was overcoming so that they'd feel better about their own lives.

    I'm thankful for you and Dr. G. I get my daily dose of laughter from you two!

  8. I love your blog because of the humor and insights. OTOH I also loved (and now miss) 6 Year Med because her stories were so poignant and well-told. I actually read a lot of her when my daughter was in the NICU for 5 weeks...easier to cry over someone else's sadness than deal with my own, I guess.

  9. Well, there's more reasons to cry than just sadness. I frequently cry with rage at the jerkiness of my teachers. And I cry with happiness when it's time to go home. And I cry with jealousy when I read your blog.