Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reading list

Because nobody seems to be making commentary on my "currently reading" sidebar, I went ahead and made a whole big booklist:

I guess I've been reading a lot lately. People always say they have no time to read when they have a baby, but I find the opposite is true. Usually when I'm holding the baby, I've got a book in my other hand, because really, how many hours in a row can you gaze lovingly at that cute little sleeping face?


  1. Gaze as often for as long as you can because... 19 years later all you have are those gentle memories. Time really does fly...

  2. I liked your review of animal husbandry; I think you should write more reviews...they're rather entertaining / honest. Honestly entertaining?

    As for your reviews in general, check out
    You might be able to do book exchanges to get free books (minus shipping costs). Then again, you are a full-fledged, positive-income attending...not a poor med student like me. :(

  3. A Doc 2 Be: I get your point. I do cherish these times, which is why I have a baby asleep on me like 90% of the time. But if a woman told me she spent two hours staring at her baby, I'd think she was a little weird.

    Vamsi: These days, I'm buying most of my books used on Amazon then give them away or donate them when I'm done. I often get books for $3-5 and I get free 2-day shipping, so it's definitely not worth it to me to have to schlep to the postoffice or library.

    Also, I could probably only write entertaining reviews of books I really hate.

  4. I looked at your reading list and LOVE that I've read (and would similarly rate) so many of the books you have!

    I'm a huge Marian Keyes fan and "Rachel's Holiday" is probably my favorite tied with "Last Chance Saloon". If you like other books of that genre, try Cathy Kelly.

    Also I love the Sophie Kinsella books!

    Another amazing series that I would recommend is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. They are awesome if you like historical fiction.

  5. I see that, outside of Janet Evanovich, we have little in common when it comes to reading. You have taste, and I don't. :)

    If "Busy Woman Seeks Wife" had been a lesbian story, I could have gone for it, though...

  6. Kasiunut: OK, you're on the hook b/c I just ordered Last Chance Saloon. I'm not a big fan of historical fiction though.

    Sarah: Not a lesbian story, just terrible.

  7. I'm the Liz who recommended "The Gargoyle" a while ago and I am amazed at what similar taste we have. Though I would have given "Time Traveler's Wife" 6 stars if I could, it is one of my very favorites. I'll have to check out some of the ones I haven't read!

    Lately I have been reading (and rereading) some of the Phillipa Gregory books (Other Boleyn Girl author), especially her Cousin's War series, love these. Stay away from her non-historical books though, they are pure silly smut novels.

  8. Liz: I liked TTTW a lot, but it did make me really sad at the end, and I have to say, that interrupted my enjoyment of the book.

    I thought The Gargoyle was fantastic, although it didn't work out too well in my book club. Everyone else hated it.

  9. If you like all of those authors, you will love Carole Matthews - I highly recommend her; by far my favourite chick-lit author. She has written a few duds, but most of her books are hilarious and very well-written. My favourites are The Sweetest Taboo, A Minor Indiscretion, You Drive Me Crazy and A Compromising Position.

  10. The baby makes a good book rest while reading, especially while nursing, and they will not remember later.

  11. Does that mean you've recently had a baby? If so - congrats! :-)